sounds: naughtiness

been a bit quiet on here, hasn’t it?


i have something good to post though. i think you’ll like it.

i make radio every week. the very talented steve lanham and myself make a film show called film 102.8.

it’s fun to do and (we think) it’s funny.

we do it for our local community station which is a one studio operation at the moment.

as you can see there’s a whiteboard on the studio wall there. that’s for important information like who’s covering shifts and talk-ups and stuff like that.

however… steve and i like to be a bit naughty so we would – on occasion – write silly stuff on there. i don’t know about steve but i was writing purely for my own amusement and that of the breakfast DJ who would follow us into the studio the next morning.


this happened.

and it is awesome.

can you spot the bit that she’s reading off the board?

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