films: superhero with a hod

“the thick of it” made a welcome return to tv and my consciousness this week.

the only (minor) quibble i had with the first episode was the absence of jamie mcdonald. sure, malcolm tucker is righteous, poisonous and proper mental – but he lacks the tazmanian devil DNA that sets jamie apart.

i felt a need, so i revisited the movie incarnation of the series this evening, just to get my fix of jamie.

i like watching films more than once. i always spot a wee something that i’d failed to pick up the first time around.

i don’t know how i missed this the first time but tonight i learned that the score for “in the loop” was written and performed byadem.

so, if you don’t know adem, here’s his best tune.

and a f*cking belter it is too.

Adem: These Are Your Friends

sounds: the three minute piece

i always wanted a blog that i could put noises on.

when i did my masters at university our first assignment was to make a 3 minute radio piece.

on anything.

we had around 4 months to do this and we all got terribly stressed about it.

me especially,  and – as was usual for my student assignments – the whole thing got thrown together in another all-night session the day before it was due in.

i think my piece received the lowest mark in the group.

it’s easy to hear why – i’ve just listened back to it and it’s hilarious.

listen at your peril.

The Three Minute Piece: A Spectrum In Sound