sounds: goosed

sounds are important.

sure, that’s a hellish banal thing to say but both of the two “real” jobs that i’ve had in my life (working in a record shop and now working in radio) have been almost completely about sound.

i’ve been messing about with sound in a lazy, inconsistent, cack-handed way now for a wee while and i thirst to learn more as i continue to pootle around life waiting for my “eureka” moment.

as a young cocky idiot-man i disregarded education as a complete waste of time, choosing instead to believe in my own inherent abilities. what a putz.

now i find myself craving knowledge and understanding, actively wanting to learn things in a desperate bid to try to function at my maximum capability. and – i reckon – if your interested in learning about sound and especially about recording natural sound then there’s no-one that does it quite like Chris Watson. the man is a legend.

i’d been on a couple of recording courses with Chris before but last month I attended the first Wildeye Advanced Wildlife Sound Recording course.  i was a bit out of my depth. I felt like everyone had loads of experience of recording awesome stuff or doing awesome jobs. i had extreme kit envy.

what advanced wildlife field recordists look like

the course was a practical one that focussed heavily on not consuming too much red wine before bed, sleeping for what felt like somewhere between 6 – 10 minutes and then charging out into darkness to go try and record the thousands of geese that hang-out at The Wash.

day one was spectacular as the geese failed to show up. on day two the geese did show up but they were accompanied by a ferocious wind. it made recording difficult.

i heartily recommend the course though. i’d like to practice lots, save up and get some better kit and do it all again. i really would.

here’s a bit of my recording. it’s geese. i think they’re pink footed. it’s not a great recording and nothing happens apart from geese. but i recorded it. in norfolk. lying in the long grass to try and get out of the wind. at stupid o’clock in the morning on a cold november day. so i reckon it counts for something. doesn’t it?

pinkfoot geese, the wash – wednesday 18th nov 2009